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The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission held its symposium on race in June 2022. The symposium had two main objectives: (1) the first panel highlighted the roots of modern systemic racism in slavery and racial discrimination codified by law, and (2) the second panel identified solutions to eliminate systemic racism through the law. Keynote speakers included Pulitzer Prize-winning Harvard Law School historian Annette Gordon-Reed and the Honorable Denny Chin, U.S. Circuit Judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Evans Williams Law Group, LLC (TEWLG) is a law firm that helps people become more successful in their lives. TEWLG will provide legal advice with integrity and provide competent legal advice in various areas of law. TEWLG can assist you in many areas, including, but not limited to, business law, including business formation, general counsel and 501c3 non-profit filings, estate planning, purchase and sale of residential properties, family law and succession, including guardianship and inheritance.

The New York State Judicial Commission on Minorities (now known as the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission), founded in 1988, conducted an in-depth study of minority participation in the courts and the legal profession, as well as perceptions of the treatment of minorities in the courts. In 1991, the Commission issued a detailed report on the findings and recommendations and was established as a permanent body to develop programs to improve the perception of fairness in the justice system and ensure equal justice in New York State. The members of the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission are judges, attorneys, and court administrators, all appointed by the Chief Justice of the State of New York. November 4, 2022 – For more than three decades, the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission has been charged with advising the state`s judicial system on issues affecting people of color, including litigants and lawyers. Mary Lynn Nicolas-Brewster, Executive Director of the Commission, speaks to David Lombardo about the different experiences of the justice system and the importance of representation on the bench. Tuesday, 9.

In November 2021, the Franklin H. Williams organized the 2021 Diversity Awards program in recognition of New York City judges, lawyers, and jurists who have made significant contributions to promoting racial and ethnic equity in the courts and judicial system. Chief Justice Janet DiFiore, Chief Administrative Justice Lawrence K. Marks and Associate Chief Administrative Justice Edwina G. Mendelson joined the Williams Commission Co-Chairs, the Honourable Troy K. Webber and the Honourable Shirley Troutman, as well as the Co-Chairs of the Diversity Awards Committee, the Honourable Lenora Foote Beavers and Nadine C. Johnson, to honour the 2021 winners and reflect on the impactful work of the Commission. The Williams Commission honoured eleven individuals inside and outside the justice system for their efforts to promote the principles of diversity, equality and justice.

The Commission is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements, dedication and leadership of individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to racial and ethnic equity in the courts, the community and the legal profession. This year, the Commission celebrates its 30th anniversary as a permanent body dedicated to ensuring racial and ethnic equity in the courts and the legal profession. If you would like to raise your concerns with the Commission about diversity, racial and ethnic equity in the justice system, please email us at Please also note that to file a complaint of bias or discrimination, you must contact the Acting Inspector General – Office of the Acting Inspector General for Matters of Bias at 646-386-3507, by email at, or their website at`Honourable Randolph F. Treece, attorney, E. Steward Jones Hacker Murphy LLP and retired U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of New York Trailblazer Award. Check out our blog for information on our office hours and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Former Chief Justice Judith S. Kaye with the Honourable Lewis Douglass (former Chair of the Commission). The mission of the Unified Judicial System (UCS) is to establish equal justice before the law and to achieve a fair, equitable and expeditious resolution of all cases before our courts. Promoting Diversity in the Justice System: Mary Lynn Nicolas-Brewster, 4/23/20 The Franklin H.

Williams Judicial Commission invites you to follow us on Twitter@NYCourtsFHW The Honourable Lewis L. Douglass, retired Justice of the Kings County Supreme Court and former Chair of the Franklin H. Williams Commission Founders` Award Joyce Y. Hartsfield, Former Executive Director, Franklin H. Williams Commission Drum Major for Justice Award Please click on the link below to the Awards Journal for more information on each of the eleven inspiring fellows and the work of the Williams Commission over the past thirty years. 2021 Diversity Award Recipients Dr. Jodie Roure, Director, Diversity Prelaw Pipeline Programs, John Jay College Pipeline to Equity in Legal Education and the Donald Edwards Profession Award, New York State Judicial Officer, Bronx County Supreme Court Award Shattering Racial Ceiling. John Caher, Senior Strategic Communications Advisor, New York State Unified Court System Special Commendation Award Former Chief Justice Sol Wachtler with Franklin H. Williams.

Photo before the original Emancipation Proclamation on the 125th anniversary of its signing. The Honourable Samuel L. Green, Retired Associate Judge, Appeal Division, Fourth Department Bridge to Justice Award Commission continues quest for equal justice: The Honourable Tia W. Martin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bronx County The Honourable Sheila Abdus-Salaam Outstanding Legal Officer Award Franklin H. Williams held its fourth City Hall in May 2022 with keynote speaker Secretary Jeh Johnson, Special Advisor for Equal Justice in the Courts, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. This town hall was an opportunity to inform the court`s family about the Court`s implementation of the recommendations of the Special Adviser on Gender Equality and to conduct an ongoing dialogue on systemic barriers to racial and ethnic equity in the courts. Mary Lynn Nicolas-Brewster was recently appointed Executive Director of the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission, succeeding Joyce Y.

Hartsfield. Most recently, she served as a lawyer and arbitrator in the Ninth Judicial District. Support the people of Hawthorne with their problems in New Jersey. Chief Justice Janet DiFiore with the Honourable Richard B. Lowe III, former Chair of the Commission. Franklin H. Williams appeared in the Court of Appeals on behalf of the New York State Commission on Minorities.