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Union Laws Ontario

If there is a bargaining unit represented by the same union, a trade union or employer may, after certification, apply to the Board for the newly certified collective bargaining unit to be consolidated with the existing unit. In addition, a union and an employer may make a joint application to the board to change an existing unitary collective bargaining structure, for example to amend collective agreements. (a) refuse to employ or continue to employ a person or discriminate against a person in relation to employment or conditions of employment because the person was or is a member of a trade union or was exercising or exercising other rights under this Act; Unions are formed when a number of workers concerned about the working conditions of a particular group of workers come together and form a union. For example, in a company with both factory and office workers, the employees concerned may be factory workers who want to represent all other workers in the factory. In this example, the entire group of factory workers is referred to as the bargaining unit, and the few factory workers who attempt to represent it are likely to be part of the union committee. Ontario fast-tracked the passage of Bill 28, which fined strikers C$4,000 ($2,955; £2,260) for each day of strike action and fined a striking union C$500,000 per day. Nearly 55,000 Canadian public sector workers went on strike Friday after Ontario Premier Doug Ford`s Conservative government introduced legislation that would unilaterally impose a contract on education workers and impose hefty fines in the event of a strike. But on Monday morning, union leaders announced they would end their protest «as a gesture of goodwill» following the Conservative government`s abrupt U-turn. If the Ministry of Labour concludes that there has been a breach of the duty of fair representation, for example in dealing with a complaint, it can only put the bereaved person in the situation in which he or she would have found himself or she had not been in breach of its duty of fair representation. This means that the Ministry of Labour cannot deal with the complaint – the Ministry of Labour can only refer the matter to arbitration. 5. The executive committee may, at the request of a person, trade union or union council, within 60 days after the date on which the successor employer referred to in subsection 2 is bound by the collective agreement, or within 60 days after notification made by the trade union or union council in accordance with subsection 3, exercise the bargaining rights of the union or union council that are bound by the collective agreement or have terminated: if, in the opinion of the board of directors, the nature of the person to whom the company was sold has changed in nature so that it differs significantly from the activity of the previous employer.

9. Where an application is made under this section, the employer, notwithstanding the fact that a trade union or a union council has made a notification, is not bound to negotiate with that trade union or council on the workers to whom the application relates until the executive committee has made a decision on the application and has declared which union or union council. where applicable, has the right to negotiate with the employer on behalf of the employees affected by the request. Labour law governs the «collective agreement» («collective agreement») between an employer and unionized employees. For more information on Ontario`s labour laws, visit the Ontario Labour Relations page. Once a voters list has been established, a secret ballot is held by a member of council. For the union to be certified as a representative of the collective bargaining unit, more than 50% of voting workers must vote for union representation. 67 (1) Subject to paragraph 3, if a trade union has not entered into a collective agreement within one year after certification and the Minister has appointed a conciliator or mediator in accordance with this Act, no application shall apply for certification of a collective bargaining officer or a declaration that a trade union is no longer represented. Employees in the collective bargaining unit specified in the certificate must make a formal request to the Labour Authority if the workers wish to request that the union`s right to represent them be terminated. The application must be accompanied by a signed list of at least 40% of the members of the collective bargaining unit. The list must state that those who sign it «no longer wish to be represented by the union in their employment relationship with the employer». The specific name of the union and employer must appear in this declaration.