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What happens if the employee is fired without pay? It should be recalled that if one of the reasons for article 160 of the Labour Code (the employee was dismissed for misconduct, abandonment of duties or damage to the company) has been rightly invoked, the employee is not entitled to compensation. However, if he has been dismissed for legal reasons and the employee considers that the dismissal is inappropriate, unjustified or unjustified or that no reason has been invoked, he may appeal to the labour judge within sixty working days of the separation of his place of work. If the judge has declared that the dismissal was unjustified, inappropriate, unfair or without probable cause, the employer must pay the indemnity for the years of service and the replacement of the prior notice, the former in the manner provided for in article 168 of the Labour Code. The purpose of automatic publication is to keep a register of foreign trade operations, which makes it possible to obtain better information before customs clearance. The employment contract may not be terminated by the will of either party without notice or, failing that, by an indemnity in addition to the remuneration equivalent to that of the employee for his seniority in the employment relationship, if the contract is terminated by the will of the employer. The notification, if the parties do not determine it in the longer term, must be made with the following anticipation: how much does it cost to pay compensation instead of notice? What will it be paid if the following conditions are met: The public tendering mechanism requires the Authority to publish a call for tenders as well as the basis for the call for tenders, which explains all the requirements and steps necessary to participate in it. How is the remuneration calculated? They are calculated on the basis of the last monthly remuneration. The law provides that the last monthly remuneration includes the total amount that the employee receives at the time of termination of the contract for the provision of services, including the conditions to be borne by the employee and social security or social security contributions, as well as royalties or types of monetary value. This calculation does not include statutory family allowances, overtime payments and benefits or allowances granted sporadically or once a year in the form of tips and supplements, such as Christmas or public holidays.

Exceptionally, satisfaction should be included in this process if it is paid month after month. Automatic notification is the authorization granted by the Ministry of economy to natural or legal persons who meet the legal requirements of the legal framework applicable to the import or export of goods. This is a procedure whereby the amount of a quota is distributed among interested parties who are willing to make a payment for the granting of part of the quota on the basis of the highest prices offered. Natural or legal persons interested in the import or export of goods which are subject to the automatic publication obligation and which meet the requirements of the legal framework applicable to the product concerned. The party that misses or improperly grants notice of termination must pay the other party compensation equal to the compensation that would correspond to the employee during the specified periods. It consists of the distribution of the fixed amount of a quota among a certain number of interested persons or companies on the basis of certain criteria established by the Ministry of the Economy. These criteria may consist, for example, of the degree of participation in domestic production, the degree of participation in exports, the degree of participation in imports and consumption. Under this mechanism, there are quotas that can only target one sector of beneficiaries, such as milk producers, toy manufacturers and others.

It describes in detail in which cases the employee should receive financial compensation for his dismissal and how high this sum can be. Law No. 26.390, which contains no specific reference to the prohibition of child labour. On the other hand, there are collective agreements that establish collective agreements and working conditions for a particular productive sector. Automatic notification is provided for in Article 17 of the Foreign Trade Act and Article 21 of its Regulations, as well as in the agreement by which the Ministry of the Economy adopts rules and criteria of a general nature in the field of foreign trade and in Annexes 2.2.1 and 2.2.2. What is compensation for years of service? The compensation paid to the employee in the event of termination of the contract for reasons related to the needs of the company. This allowance corresponds to one month`s salary for each year of service and each period of more than six months, which is made available to that employer on a continuous basis. This allowance is capped at 11 years.

The tasks performed by the employee in the context of an employment relationship always give rise to the right to remuneration or wages and therefore to the employer`s obligation to pay it. Employment contracts are considered to have an indefinite duration, unless there is specific legislation that provides otherwise, see more information under «How to hire and regularize workers?» Automatic announcement is the authorization granted by the Ministry of economy to import or export the goods covered by this regulation. It consists of the distribution of the determined amount of a quota according to the order of precedence of the requests of the interested parties, that is to say, after receipt by the Authority and until the existing amount is exhausted. What is compensation? The amount of money that the employer must pay to the employee if he terminates the employment contract on the basis of one of the reasons that confer this right on the employee or if this indemnity has been specified in the employment contract. The payment of compensation does not correspond if the reason for the dismissal is that mentioned in article 160 of the Labour Code: fault of the employee, prejudice to the company, unjustified abandonment of his tasks, etc. MECHANISM OF FIRST IN TIME, FIRST IN LAW (PGWP). What is the remuneration for annual leave or leave? The one who is paid when, for any reason, the employee no longer belongs to the company without taking his annual leave. It corresponds to the full remuneration of the days of leave that the employee has not used. If the employee has not reached one year in the company and is therefore not entitled to leave, the allowance is calculated in proportion to the time elapsed between the hiring or the date of cessation of the last year of work and the end of benefits. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the email address: The amount of this remuneration corresponds to the last monthly remuneration earned by the employee. If the applicant meets the specific criteria set by the Ministry of the Economy, the amount of the quota is approved and a quota certificate is issued.